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With SWF Image Creator one can easily created attractive banners quickly
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XYZ Software is an internet solutions company, developing number of software products. XYZ software has created one product called SWF Image Creator. SWF Image Creator is not a simple SWF file creator but it can also create compressed and optimized animation SWF files. SWF Image Creator would take all the gifs, animated gifs or jpg files selected for your SWF file and then converts the SWF based on the options user have selected. With SWF Image Creator one can easily created attractive banners in almost no time. SWF Image Creator allows users to select hundreds or thousand image files and then create a SWF library including the pictures SWF Image Creator supports most of the image formats like JPG, GIF and others. SWF Image Creator has a great ability to save all the frames of Flash files separately and one can also select frames from existing flash file and create new flash out of them. SWF Image Creator can be run from the command prompt. This feature can be used for interacting with other applications or databases that needs image processing with the help of XML (Extended Markup Language). Also SWF Image Creator can be set to be an automation process hidden on any type of server which can convert the stated images to SWF. SWF Image Creator reduces the time you spend creating image libraries or creating banner files. SWF Image Creator has a very easy, highly configurable and customizable front end.

Manoj Goel
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  • Simple to use
  • Good support available
  • Can also create new flash from old frames
  • Run from command prompt


  • Not free
  • Not available for Mac
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